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Omnichannel Payment Acquiring

Point of Sale (POS) System Software

Redefining the point of sale


Redtech  PoSability is ideal for acquirers, who require a single point-of-sale platform that can support a range of store formats – from multinational multi-channel branded retail, large enterprises spread over multiple sites, high-street retail stores to small convenience and pop-up stores.

Redtech PoSability supports multiple terminal configurations – mobile POS, web POS and conventional POS – utilizing a common interface across form factors. This translates into opportunities to support modern store interactions and adapt to an endless range of new checkout concepts, be it unattended, multilane, pay anywhere in-store, card-on-delivery or bill at table.

Merchants also have the flexibility to plan the store experience and deploy any combination of devices. As an example, add additional mobile POS terminals during busy periods or festive events or open pop-up stores to optimize checkout experience.


Fulfill All Payment Needs

Redtech PoSability supports all payment modes, from well-established, popular schemes to the latest payment innovations, enabling merchants to adapt to payment preferences of multiple customer segments.

PoSability equips merchants with a Unified Payment Interface that enables acceptance of EMV chip, magstripe and contactless and biometric-based payments, mobile wallets, QR codes and instant payment schemes.

This simplifies the process of adding new channels and saves on costs of administration, integration and reconciliation for each new payment method added to checkout.

Merchant Lifecycle Management

Self-onboarding for merchants

Redtech PoSability automates merchant onboarding and supports lite KYC as well as full KYC models, aligned to a region’s regulatory mandates. The ability to support do-it-yourself merchant on-boarding models creates a frictionless enrollment process, lowers acquisition costs and improves go-live time.

Merchant set-up

Merchants can administer PoS terminals from a central location and remotely track connectivity status, software version, and service availability, using a unique device ID. Each merchant user can view and manage terminals groups depending on access privileges.​

Estate management

Merchants can administer PoS terminals from a central location and remotely track its connectivity, software version/availability, download/upload. Merchants can also view registered devices and track them using a unique device ID. Each merchant user can view, manage terminals groups depending on their roles and access rights. ​

Suitable for Fixed as well as Mobile PoS Formats

Redtech PoSability offers an integrated solution and helps acquirers grow the business via support for a range of payment terminals tailored to business needs of merchants.

Mobile PoS

Converts the merchant’s smart phone into a portable point of sale, enabling merchants to accept payments anywhere in any currency.

Standalone PoS

A browser-based application allows merchants to accept payments using a card reader and printer.

Integrated PoS

Seamlessly interfaces with inventory management and billing systems, enabling merchants deliver seamless commerce experiences.

Supports Dynamic Currency Conversion at the Point of Sale

Dynamic Currency Conversion provides international customers the choice to pay in their home currency, enabling acquirers extend differentiated services to merchants. The solution’s DCC module interfaces with the bank’s or a third-party currency exchange system to look up and apply for foreign exchange rates. The system integrates with the interchanges to ensure settlement of funds in the merchant’s currency

For acquirers, this means higher forex margins per transaction and a reduction in the cost of processing foreign cards. For merchants, providing tourists with an option to pay in their home currency increases overall basket size and makes shoppers more likely to return on future visits.

Optimizes Payment Processing Costs

Redtech PoSability helps acquirers streamline costs of payments processing by offloading transactions from the Switch. As an online transaction processing engine, Redtech PoSability assumes complete responsibility for driving and managing multiple merchant terminals, authorizing transactions, establishing connectivity with card schemes, enabling acquirers to achieve significant bottom-line benefits.

In addition, in a multi-institution, shared services environment, Redtech PoSability integrates into multiple hosts providing acquirers the flexibility to route transactions based on pre-defined business rules. A higher volume of closed loop transactions improves processing economics and margins for merchants.

Offers Added Value Services

Innovative VAS catalyzes revenues

Redtech PoSability supports cash@POS, bill payments, mobile recharge, loyalty and digital receipts – offering a future-proof platform for innovation and enabling commerce.

Acquirers can unlock additional revenue opportunities by developing a rich services ecosystem and bringing new partners services seamlessly onto the platform.

Supports instant credit at point of sale

Many customers defer a purchase on account of associate costs. Redtech PoSability offers instant EMI options at checkout.

Allowing customers to make payments in scheduled installments, improves customer satisfaction, ensures higher footfalls and repeat visits, accelerating overall transaction volumes.

Comprehensive Business Insights

Intuitive dashboards and reports provide acquirers and merchants insights into their business and generates top-lines and bottom-line benefits.

Acquirer reports

Transaction Reports: Transactions by payment method, number and amount of successful and failed transactions can be viewed in custom time ranges.

Settlement Reports: Details of settled transactions over a specific duration to easily reconcile accounts.

Merchant Reports

Sales Reports: Helps merchants monitor sales indicators for each location, as well as returns or order cancellations.

Terminal Capability Reports: A wide range of customizable reports on transaction data at terminal level can help merchants plan and manage their businesses more efficiently.

Manages Fraud and Risk

Acquirers can implement a comprehensive framework of capabilities to minimize fraud, maximize approvals and lower chargebacks. Acquirers can enable or disable a card scheme type, transaction type, cards and IPs suspected to be fraudulent can be added to a negative list.

  • Transaction velocity; value and volume checks by terminal and merchant segment.
  • Geo-tagging of transactions to reduce fraud exposure.
  • Real-time transaction anomalies.
  • Setting a password for mapping the PoS device with the FSS PoSability application.
  • Configuring supported card brands and BIN ranges.

Total Security

Redtech PoSability’s offers merchants and acquirers complete security with:

Point-to-Point encryption

Passwords for terminal devices

Device fingerprinting

Support an Encrypting Pin Pad for secure PIN encrypting

AES, DES encryption algorithms for maximum security

Compliance with PCI-DSS and OWASP policies

PA DSS 3.2 certified

Benefits to Banks

Increases Revenue

Value added services like bill payments, mobile recharge and loyalty creates new revenue opportunities for acquirers.


Data-driven Insights Help Grow the Business

Acquirers can exploit insights to craft reward programs and shape merchant transaction behavior as well as extend lifetime value.

Key Capabilities

Redtech offers choice and flexibility to customize payment processing solutions to the best of your needs.

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