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Payment Products

Unified Issuance Platform

Cloud-Ready, API-first Card Issuance Platform.


Card issuers are faced with changing consumer behaviors, a growing number of competitors and new regulatory directives. Current systems are, however, expensive to maintain and do not offer issuers the agility to meet evolving market requirements. For issuers, choosing the right technology partner is critical to ensure services meet customer needs whilst being cost-effective.

Redtech, a leading provider of Issuance products, powering cards for  cardholders, helps issuers grow their payment business.

Our Issuance suite incorporates card management, loyalty, extensive management reporting and analytics, and comprehensive cardholder security. Redtech Issuance suite provides a set of flexible components designed to allow issuers to get to market faster, reduce fraud, improve transaction tracking and personalize the payment experience. Our open APIs provide issuers the scale and agility needed to interface with third-party applications and deliver innovative payment experiences.


Payment Products

Virtual Cards

Instant Digital Issuance for an Instant World

Virtual Cards form part of a broader strategy to modernize platforms that support digital-first processes to deliver superior products and service experiences to customers. Today’s cardholder do not wait the conventional 7 days to receive a new or replaced card and would rather switch to a different provider.

Key Capabilities

Supports Open Loop Cards

  • All major interchanges – Mastercard; Visa; RuPay; Diners; JCB; Amex
  • On-demand Multi Currency and Multi Wallet Cards

Programmable Card Controls

  • Set Card for One-time or Multiple Use.
  • Dynamic Spend Control with Spend Tracking and MCC level Control.
  • Specify Geo-location.
  • Channel Control.

Completely Secure Against Fraud

  • Supports Tokenization
  • PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant

Advanced Lightweight APIs

Redtech Virtual Cards are built on an API-based modular framework with 60+ APIs across:

Card Issuance – Onboarding, Signup, Detail Auto-fetch, CVV2 Generation.

Card Function – View Account Details, Profile Updating, Retrieve Last Transactions, Reset Card PIN.

Account Control – Close Card Account, Link/Delink Secondary Account, Swap Account, Upgrade Account.

Transaction Function – Move Funds, Adjust Debit/Credit Limit.

Wallet Control – Multi-wallet Issuance, Inter-wallet Money Transfer, Add/Delete/Unblock Wallet, Modify Wallet Expiry, Define Exchange Rate for Multi-currency Wallet.

Use Cases

Ecommerce Payments

Single use virtual cards for one-time purchase.

Ecommerce Payments

Single use virtual cards for one-time purchase.

Embedded Payments

Wearables and IoT device transactions using tokenization.

Embedded Payments

Wearables and IoT device transactions using tokenization.

Corporate Payments

Expense cards for employees, Supplier payments.

Corporate Payments

Expense cards for employees, Supplier payments.

Why Redtech Virtual Issuance

 Help your business achieve accelerated time to realize revenue.

Get branded Virtual Cards for your business.

Build a risk score with historical transaction velocity, volume, value and time, device fingerprinting, channel, and merchant segment, frequent changes in geo-location to prevent fraud.

Provide customizable innovative benefits on the customer’s path to purchase – loyalty benefits, cashbacks.

Cloud capable deployment with componentized architecture built for scale.

Gain in-depth insights into transactions.

Payment Products

Debit Card Management System

Africa’s leading card management systems company

Evolving consumer behaviors, preference for new-age payment options, and regulatory pressures are impacting the issuance landscape.

The ability to successfully meet these demands is dependent on having the right underlying infrastructure to efficiently manage card operations. Choosing the right partner is critical in ensuring the card services you offer are broad enough to meet all their needs, but tailored enough to be cost-effective for your organization.

Redtech Debit Card Management System (Debit CMS) provides outstanding scalability and performance and a state-of-the-art foundation on which to build and expand payment card programs.

Key Capabilities

Functionally-Rich Card Management Solution

Redtech Debit CMS is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of cards. Redtech Debit CMS functionality spans the complete gamut of issuing capabilities to help issuers efficiently manage their debit card portfolios. The system supports registration, verification, card issuance, profile and card data management, card lifecycle management, as well as administration and reporting.

Flexible Platform for Redtech Debit CMS

Redtech has a flexible debit card offering. Issuers have a complete overview of all products and cards for each customer with a single card management system.

Redtech Debit CMS is ideally suited for new product launches with built-in multi-language, multi-currency and multi-institution support.

Scalable Operations

Redtech Debit CMS has the capability to scale with your needs better than any other card management solution, which means issuers can ramp up services quickly and achieve time to market goals:

Flexible business framework

Redtech Debit CMS supports parameterization of critical business functions to reduce complexity and provide complete flexibility to users to swiftly respond to evolving business trends.

Connect web services layer

Redtech Debit CMS Connect™, a web services API layer, exposes a broad range of APIs to ensure rapid integration with external systems – net banking portals, customer relationship management systems, and mobile banking apps.

Extensible modular design

A strong focus on modularization, ensures a new range of functionality can be continually achieved by plugging added value service modules onto the platform.

Why Redtech for CMS?

Trusted, experienced partner

The platform’s technology benefits from our experience and deep institutional knowledge in supporting over 100 clients in 10+ countries. We understand the needs of card issuers as we power card operations for financial institutions and are Africa’s leading processor of card payments.

Flexible commercial models

Redtech provides a range of flexible commercial option, designed to offer the best TCO to our clients. Banks can opt for Capex or Opex based delivery models. In addition, Redtech assumes turnkey responsibility for the complete lifecycle management of card programs including branding, issuance, processing and servicing, allowing banks to variabalize costs.

Payment Products

Prepaid Card Solutions

Single card management system–multiple uses

Across markets, prepaid cards are a popular payment instrument, catering to a diversity of customers and needs. Issuers consequently need to anticipate and launch new products to stay ahead of the customer demand curve.

Redtech Prepaid Card Management System is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of cards and benefits from the company’s experience of serving  several leading institutions.

Redtech Prepaid CMS – A Card for Every Need

General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Cards

Redtech Prepaid Card Management System supports the issuance of GPR cards -a popular card category segment among cardholders.

Gift Cards

Gift cards enable issuers to incentivize higher customer spending and lower customer acquisition costs.

Payroll Cards

Redtech Prepaid Card Management System digitizes wage disbursal via support for closed-loop as well as open-loop payroll cards.

Social Benefit Cards

Social benefit prepaid cards aid issuers to lower disbursement costs efficiently and reach last-mile unbanked and underbanked beneficiaries with zero fund leakage.

Forex Travel Cards

Travelers prefer prepaid forex cards due to the ability to lock the currency exchange rate at the time when the money is loaded, protecting them from currency fluctuations. Prepaid forex cards enable issuers to tap into the growing global travel market and attract high net-worth corporate international and leisure travelers.

Mutual Fund Prepaid Cards

Mutual fund prepaid cards provide the benefits of mutual fund investments along with the convenience of a prepaid card.

Key Capabilities

Single card system – Multiple uses

Supports parameterization of critical business functions to provide complete flexibility to users to launch new products and swiftly respond to evolving business trends.

Multi-channel enrolment

Supports assisted and self-channels for customer registration. Customers can walk into the bank’s branch, self-register at a kiosk or enroll online instead of performing an online top-up.

Multi-purse support

Access to multi-purses on a single card, with an option to load any purse, enables issuers to launch bundled services.

Rule-based transaction controls

Allows issuers to flexibly define transaction rules – based on a range of parameters – value, volume, and velocity – to prevent suspicious transactions and maintain service integrity.

Simplified service management

Easy to use self-service portals for multiple users – agents, branches, customers, corporates, and customer care.

Multi-currency support

Built-in multi-currency functionality improves margins on mark-up, as currency conversion is handled by the issuer rather than the payment scheme.

Multi-institution support

Provides flexibility to processors to manage card programs for multiple institutions on a single shared platform.

Balance management

Provides flexibility to load prepaid cards using real-time funding, automatic top-up through batch processing or batch upload.

Generates requests to refund cardholder amount at the time of closure and configure fee reversal.

Connect web services layer

Redtech Prepaid Connect, a web services API layer, exposes a broad range of APIs such as pre-issuance, issuance, and post-issuance transaction processing to ensure rapid integration with external systems.  Third-party wallet apps can consume APIs exposed by Redtech Prepaid Card Management System to provide store value account functionality to end-customers.

Payment Products

Green PIN

On-demand, multi-channel card activation

For a new generation of digital-first customers, self-service is a prerogative than a preference. Significantly, whilst banks have embraced digital services delivery to meet evolving customer expectations, critical touch-points are yet to be digitized. For instance, current card-activation mechanisms are manual and paper-driven resulting in prolonged card activation time and resulting in sub-optimal service. Considering card issuance and activation are the first touchpoints between banks and cardholders, banks need to invest in alleviating the service experience.

Redtech Green PIN allows issuers to empower customers to deliver improved service to cardholders and generate business efficiencies. Redtech Green PIN is an instant PIN generation and forwarding solution.

Redtech Green PIN is designed to support multiple delivery channels- ATM, mobile, email, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, or online banking with a single, central business logic layer. As a result, the user experience is optimized for each channel, while back-end business processes remain consistent.

Key Capabilities

One architecture, many channels

Supports multiple channels including ATM, IVR, and Mobile banking for PIN generation for superior customer experience.

GUI for managing operations

Intuitive GUI automates critical workflows including service configuration parameters, transaction tracking and report generation.

Improves security

Encrypts sensitive data securing data in transit and at rest. Ensures additional security via two-tier authentication of PIN recipient. PCI-DSS compliance prevents data breaches. Green PIN encrypts sensitive data in transit and at arrest. Further, the system ensures additional security via two-factor cardholder authentication.

Comprehensive reports

Provides banks detailed reports on PIN and passcode generations based on card-holders data, transaction dates, and the delivery channel used to receive the code.

Complete PIN lifecycle management

Manages the entire lifecycle of Green PIN from generation to transmission.

Optimizes implementation cycles

Standardized interfaces for integration with the bank’s Card Management System, Switch, and multiple delivery channels accelerate time to market.

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