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Enabling cashless, cardless payments.

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Merchants today look for an expert, innovative and dependable partner to offer secure, feature-rich and cost-effective payment processing platforms with high success ratios.

Redtech Pay provides a complete bouquet of payment acceptance services to merchants under one umbrella. An omni-channel payment acceptance solution, it supports multiple payment options to seamlessly process large volumes with better success rate and to enhance market share and revenues.

Uniform Brand Experience

Redtech Pay allows merchants to use their brand on the payments page. Plus, merchants can incorporate iFrame, which enables customers to make secure payments without leaving the merchant’s webpage.

Authentication and authorization is simple and secure for a range of payment transaction.

Simpler Payment Experience

With Redtech Pay, cardholders can use their debit card with ATM PIN for simpler online transactions – without the need to register or remember multiple passwords. Faster checkout results in higher transaction completion rates.

High Success Rates

Redtech Pay’s dynamic transaction routing, based on enhancing transaction success rate makes it one of the best payment processing platforms in the country.

  • Faster checkout
  • Quicker on-boarding and integration
  • Speedier online refund through API’s
  • Real-time enquiry through API’s

Platform Fungibility

  • Ease of integration with any shopping cart
  • APIs SDKs and plugins ensure faster time-to-market

Comprehensive Range of Merchant Services

Redtech Pay user-friendly merchant portal, provides real-time insights for business decisions.

Total Security

Redtech Pay offers merchants an array of controls to shield revenues and lower risk liability through rule-based risk management and black listing. Ensures ‘always secure’ payment acceptance through:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Tokenization
  • 3D Secure transactions
  • Dual response validation with merchant (through S2S posting)
  • Multi-layer security through encrypted data transmission with checksum

High success rates of transactions

Redtech ensures this through:

  • Smart and dynamic transaction routing
  • Minimum external touch-points and transaction hops
  • High scalability; uptime and availability
  • Load balancer ensures smooth peak volume processing capabilities
  • Secure and uninterrupted transaction completion with real time reconciliation
  • Faster on-boarding and integration
  • Dedicated relationship manager and customer support team
  • Efficient back-end fulfillment across payment channels
  • MIS support 24×7 help-desk assistance

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