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Smart Reconciliation

Fast, Accurate Zero-Touch Transaction Reconciliation


With the proliferation of new payment mechanisms banks need to reconcile many types of digital payment transactions including credit, debit, prepaid, ATM, POS, P2P and mobile transactions. Current payment reconciliation systems are, however inflexible to support new payment classes, new file formats and data resulting in protracted time to onboard payment reconciliations quickly and facilitate multi-party reconciliations.

An inability to keep up with new payment classes and growing transaction volumes, introduces additional operational risks, potentially increasing number of exceptions and dispute volumes and costs.


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Redtech Smart Recon

Redetech Smart Recon offers a highly configurable platform for onboarding new payment classes and automates the complete reconciliation operations spanning administrative management, data integration, transactional matching and exception management and reporting.

Designed to match high-volumes of records, Redtech Smart Recon supports a wide diversity of payment classes with built-in flexibility to rapidly onboard new reconciliation processes for multiple payment channels and scheme-based payments. Complete visibility into transaction records across payment systems and automatic identification of exceptions reduces administrative overheads by saving time and audit costs, mitigates risk and enhances customer satisfaction.

Multiple Reconciliation Types

Implemented by leading banks and processors globally, Redtech Smart Recon, a dedicated platform for payments reconciliation supports Card reconciliation, ATM reconciliation, Instant Payments reconciliation, Payment Systems and Wallet reconciliation.

Card Reconciliation

Supports international schemes like VISA, Master Card, JCB, Union Pay International, Amex.

Supports all typical file formats made available by Interchanges.

Generates settlement report for Interchanges.

Robust exception management and reporting for analyzing unmatched records for further knock-offs.

Supports auto-match and relax (variance) match.

Interchange fee reconciliation for verifying accuracy of transaction fee charged to the bank.

Dispute management and chargeback lifecycles.

Supports on-us, off-us and remote on-us (us-on) transactions.

ATM Reconciliation

The reconciliation of ATM transactions involves processing data from multiple sources including switch, host (CBS), electronic journal (EJ) from ATMs, cash balance report (CBR) and cash-in-transit (CIT) agencies.

Powerful ETL Engine.

Tallies Cash Balance.

Performs Cash Increment or Decrement Reconciliation.

Reconciles Transaction.

Auto-Voucher Generation.

Rich Dashboards.

Alternate Payment Channel Reconciliation

Handles biller data for reconciling BBPS off-us transactions.

Handles business correspondent data for reconciling AEPS transactions.

Handles timeout and adjustment cases for IMPS and UPI and generates TCC, RET, DRC and RRC reports.

Dispute management process with turnaround time setting and alert mechanism for alternate channels for timely resolution of customer complaints.

Payment Systems & Wallet Reconciliation

Reconciles wallet spend transactions, wallet load and reload transactions and wallet to wallet transfers.

Generates matched and unmatched reconciliation reports.

Configurable rule-setting to reconcile transaction based on multiple parameters.

Creation of adjustment files wherever applicable for posting into the CMS.

File from Bank on load/reload will contain the indicators on the payment mode through which the load/reload happened, and generation of matched and unmatched reconciliation reports will also contain the indicator.

Key Capabilities

  • Automated processing
  • Operations workbench
  • Settlement
  • Exception management
  • End-to-end dispute management
  • Fee management
  • Intelligent rule-based pattern matching
  • Scalable to match billion of records
  • Secure reconciliation operations
  • Rich dashboards and reporting

Transform Reconciliation Operations with a Managed Services Approach

Redtech  offers a full services Reconciliation portfolio to help customer improve operational efficiencies. Customers have the option to extend a managed technology service model or a managed technology and operations services model. We offer flexible on-shore and off-shore services tailored to customer needs.

Customers benefit from Redtech unique combination of deep payments expertise, proven global solution and experienced staff with practices and deep operational expertise to manage reconciliation. Under the umbrella of Managed Services, Redtech assumes complete responsibility for end-to-end operations including reconciliation, complaint redress and regulatory reporting across payment classes.

Benefits to Banks

Improves Operational Efficiencies

Reduces operational costs and ensures the highest possible automation levels and matching rates, through comprehensive match rules. Assures economies of scale via support for quick onboarding of new reconciliations.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Improves dispute resolution time resulting in higher customer satisfaction scores

Associated Products and Services

Redtech offers choice and flexibility to customize Smart Reconciliation processing to the best of your needs.

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