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Digital Banking Solutions

Deepening engagement with new experiences


Consumer preferences have quickly shifted to digital-first banking. For banks success depends on satisfying demands of digital-savvy consumers and leveraging emerging technologies. They can no longer afford to wait to invest in digital transformation because customers are increasingly willing to switch banks for digital experiences.

Redtech Digital Banking provides a broad portfolio of integrated solutions to enable banks embrace a digital-first approach. Beyond basic banking services the suite delivers voice banking and commerce services as well as real-time payments to deliver differentiated services and engage customers.

Redtech Advantage

  • Saves costs
  • Unified merchant solution
  • Unprecedented scale
  • Multiple deployment models
  • Deepens merchant engagement

Key Capabilities

Redtech offers choice and flexibility to customize Digital Banking Solutions to the best of your needs.


Offers best of breed innovative mobile banking features to optimize customer lifetime value.

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Voice Commerce

Allows banks to build conversational experiences and deliver personalized interactive banking experiences.

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QR Pay

Interoperable QR Pay solution that simplifies payments for merchants and consumers.

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Tap into the power of instant payments and build a range of real-time use cases.

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Digital Banking at SaaS

Redtech manages your infrastructure and takes care of software release and version updates so that you can fully concentrate on direct banking.


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