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Technology Partner Program

Create Secure Solutions

Our Redtech Technology Partner Program helps customers maintain a strong payment and cybersecurity posture with proven and interoperable solutions.

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Program Vision

We strive to document, maintain, and support integrated solutions like they are single-vendor solutions. And we actively cooperate with alliance partners to bring complete solutions to market, spanning cloud-based as-a-service offerings to legacy/on-premises environments.

Customer Focused

Our program is designed to encourage membership for partners where there is business synergy, technology alignment, and clear customer value for our joint solutions.

Business Value

By partnering with leaders across a wide range of IT solutions, we proactively work to ensure that our customers’ investment in Redtech products and services can be leveraged to the maximum extent and provides enhanced security as their business evolves.

Discover new possibilities

Join the Redtech Technology Partner Program and together we’ll create differentiation, increase revenues, and provide better customer experiences!

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