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Hosted Services

ATM Services Provider

Guarantee widespread ATM accessibility, enhanced client contentment, and augmented earnings.

ATMs, being an indispensable self-service avenue, are expected by banking clients to be accessible 24/7. The task of maintaining and operating a comprehensive, multi-vendor ATM network reliably is operationally demanding and incurs significant costs for banks. Therefore, banks are reevaluating their ATM business strategies to meet dual objectives — providing an outstanding service experience while minimizing costs.

Redtech, a reliable collaborator in the payments domain, oversees ATM networks under a managed service contract. Redtech undertakes a consolidated role for ATM operations, which includes choosing and setting up sites, managing vendors, monitoring cash management services, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Banks have the flexibility to delegate the full ownership, administration, and operation of the ATM program to Redtech, or they can choose specific services to outsource. This arrangement leads to benefits for banks such as guaranteed service quality, cost optimization, and increased productivity by concentrating on essential, revenue-generating tasks.

Redtech ATM Services Components

File Exchange Services

Overseeing ATM operations, managing incidents, & ensuring smooth operations.

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ATM Monitoring Services

Diligently monitor services to guarantee a consistent service delivery.

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ATM Managed Services

Enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring ATMs are always available, secure, & up-to-date.

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ATM End-to-End Services

A suite of services covering all aspects of ATM operations, from deployment to management.

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The Benefits of ATM Services

Optimize ATMs accessibility

Continuous online surveillance of all standard ATMs, BNAs, and cash recyclers, 24/7, to guarantee maximum uptime.

Smooth ATM installation

ATM deployment entails strategic site selection, equipment acquisition and installation, and network setup to ensure ATMs are operationally ready.

Reduced Operational Costs

By automating routine transactions, ATMs can help financial institutions reduce the cost of their operations.