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Hosted Services

ATM Services Provider

Ensure high ATM availability, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenues


ATMs are a critical self-service channel and banking customers expect services to be available round-the-clock. For banks, maintaining and reliably running a wide-reaching multi-vendor, ATM network is operationally intensive and has a significant cost impact. Banks are rethinking their ATM business model to balance twin demands — deliver a superior service experience and drive down costs

As a leading player and trusted partner in the payments industry, Redtech manages ATM networks under a managed service agreement.  Redtech assumes a single mantle of responsibility for ATM operations including site selection and deployment, vendor management, cash management services monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

Banks can outsource the entire ownership, management and operation of the ATM program or select services they want to outsource to Redtech. Banks benefit in terms of assured quality of service, streamlined costs, and improved productivity via focus on critical, revenue-generating activities.

Redtech ATM Services Components

File Exchange Services

ATM monitoring, incident management and file exchange services for global customers.

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ATM Monitoring Services

Proactively monitor services to deliver assured service experience.

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ATM Managed Services

Enables banks to proactively monitor ATM networks to deliver a smooth service.

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ATM End to End Services

To proactively monitor ATM networks to deliver a smooth service.

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ATM Services Advantage

Maximize ATM availability

24×7 online monitoring of all industry-standard ATMs, BNAs, and cash recyclers to ensure high availability.

Seamless ATM deployment

ATM Deployment services including strategic site identification and preparation, asset procurement and installation, and establishment of connectivity for ATM Go Live.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Managed Services model eliminates the need for the bank to invest in hardware and other infrastructure.