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Maximize business performance with data-driven Insights


With the growth of digital payments, banks have a plethora of data available from an increasing number of digital payment sources. Financial institutions appreciate the potential benefits of data, but many face challenges in aggregating and mining information resident in multiple payment systems to generate business-wide efficiencies.

Agile production and organization-wide delivery of data insights require financial institutions to think new approaches to the problem. Redtech Paynalytix-as-a-Service brings together multi-source, multi-format data together in the cloud to transform raw, complex data into business-ready data assets.


Paynalytix-as-a-Service model is underpinned  with deep expertise in delivering switching, payment services & payment products.  The service is customizable to specific business needs of customers, enabling financial institutions to address immediate analytics requirements, and expand services as required.

Paynalytix, the underlying platform powering the service, efficiently ingests and integrates data from discrete payment sources including Switch, Payment Systemss, POS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Card Management Systems, Payment Reconciliation Systems as well as external sources to generate meaningful insights.

Ready Business Applications

Marketing, business and operations teams within the banking organizations can access a pre-packaged catalog of readily available applications for immediate business results.

Risk Analytics

Screens transactions to identify risk patterns to contain fraud losses.

Real-time Risk Management

Discern risk patterns and tune the accuracy of risk assessment and scoring rules on an ongoing basis.

Risk Identification

Screen transactions in real-time by detecting unusual patterns that indicate potential fraud.

Merchant Risk Score

Risk score merchants based on multiple variables to minimize fraud loss.

Omni-channel Risk Management

Real-time assessment and management of risk across channels.

Device Related Risk management

Dynamic assessment, identification, and management of risk across devices.

Customer Risk Score

Assigns risk score to customers to lower exposure to fraud.

Customer Analytics

Optimizes marketing efforts and deepens customer engagement.


Analyse merchant transactions using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to create merchant cohorts to determine marketing strategies

Intelligent Pricing

Reliable insights into segment and merchant performance help fine-tune pricing strategies.

Acquisition Strategy

Allows acquirers to identify high performing categories and push sales.

Merchant Analytics

Uncover transaction patterns for informed strategy making related to the acquisition, promotions, pricing, and overall performance.

Spend Analysis

Profile customer spend across channels to create customer segments and recommend card programs

Optimised Offers

Track customer journeys and deliver optimized offers such as real-time credit to eligible customers at check-out.

Product Portfolio Analysis

Analyse product performance (cards) to fine-tune product portfolio

RFM Score

Insightful Recency, frequency, and monetary value based score to streamline database and direct marketing strategies.

Transaction Failure Analytics

Perform root cause analysis for failed transactions to improve the ratio of success to failed transactions.

Chargeback Patterns

Merchant chargeback patterns to aid retailers to improve quality of service.

Operational Analytics

ATM Network Optimisation

Track customer footfalls and transaction performance at each ATM location to optimize network planning.

Predictive Capacity Planning

Analyze transaction volume and system performance to meet existing and forecasted capacity demand.

Real-time Service Monitoring

Monitor end-to-end service performance to accurately pinpoint systems responsible for increasing time to respond.

Cash Management

Track cash positions to detect and plug the likelihood of cash outages.


Transactions improve the ratio of on-us transactions and optimal transaction routing.

Operations Optimisation

Identify cause of failure from transaction data to minimize transaction failure rates – timed-out/reason codes.

Why Redtech

Payment Analytics Solutions?

Access to best-in-class experts

We provide customers access to best-in-class talent in data modeling and analytics, thereby solving a major headache for financial institutions struggling to find the right people.

Scalable cloud-based model

Paynalytix-as-a-Service is deployed on the AWS cloud, ensuring resources can be dynamically scaled to adjust to the changing nature of the workload.

Low-cost cloud infrastructure

With our infrastructure-agile but the secure cloud-based option, the model aims to be cost-efficient. Redtech Managed Services model is cost-efficient than owning and operating infrastructure in-house.

Strict data security standards

Data security is a top priority for organizations today. Protecting the data that we help manage is a top priority in the Managed Services model.

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