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3D-Protect Authentication

Guaranteeing Secure and User-friendly Transaction Process

3D-Protect, a secure real-time risk-based authentication solution that renders 100% challenge rates obsolete through a wider range of data points with biometric authentication and an improved online experience. The solution leverages data elements exchanged between the merchant and the issuer to detect nuanced patterns of fraud in real-time to enable businesses to make better-informed authentication decisions.

The system supports card-based and cardless transactions using the customer’s biometric throughout the process.

For merchants, it offers a Unified merchant app enabling biometric-based payment acceptance using their mobile device. Besides,  it offers electronic Know Your Customer, eSign for cost-efficient and secure services delivery.

High Operational Reliability

Authentication-As-A-Service allows issuers to easily scale up in response to transaction growth, ensuring reliable service with AI-based performance monitoring tools.

The system’s resilience is enhanced by multiple geographic regions and availability zones, protecting against various failures, including natural disasters. Machine learning algorithms are used in monitoring tools to predict threats and proactively address system performance issues.

Seamless Integration

To facilitate the comprehensive utilization of 3D-Protect features, Redtech 3D-Protect provides uncomplicated APIs and SDKs. These can be smoothly incorporated into the acquirer’s current e-commerce framework.

Top-Notch Security

The Redtech environment, certified with PCI DSS 3.2, reduces the risk of threats and ensures high data security. It employs extensive security measures including data encryption, continuous threat assessment, malware protection, security patching, and policy compliance management.

These measures are verified by third-party assessments. The Redtech authentication system complies with regional data security, maintenance, privacy norms, and data breach reporting requirements.

Spectrum of Authentication Strategies

Enables Mobile and IoT Transactions

Redtech 3D-Protect seamlessly integrates with mobile and web platforms, expanding its authentication services to include in-app purchases and digital wallets, thereby improving the mobile shopping experience.

Access to Cutting-Edge Products

Redtech guarantees that customers can effortlessly and instantly access new innovative functions and upgrades, all without any interruption to services.

Data Security and Reporting

Redtech 3D-Protect complies with the data security, maintenance, and privacy standards enforced in each region. It also meets the requirements for regulatory reporting in the event of data breaches.

Operational Dashboards

Robust operational and business analytics with valuable insights into fraud prevention across all channels. ensuring compliance with regional regulatory reporting requirements.

Benefits to Issuers

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

By employing strong authentication methods, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), organizations can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and improve overall security posture.

Regulatory Compliance

Authentication solutions help organizations comply with various regulatory requirements related to data security and privacy.

Improved Usability & Customer Satisfaction

The combination of the enhanced data exchange and a risk-based authentication approach enhances user experience by providing seamless access to various systems and applications.

Greater Trust

Strong authentication practices can build trust among customers and business partners by demonstrating the organization’s commitment to protecting sensitive data.