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Creating The Future of Technology

We support and enable forward-looking businesses to easily adapt to the ever-changing technology demands.


We are a core ICT, Switching, and Digital transformation company with a keen focus on Africa.

Our focus

Our Cause

We are an Africa- focused integrated digital switching, payments, and commerce company that facilitates the electronic circulation of money as well as the exchange of value between individuals, organizations, and governments on a timely, secure, and consistent basis.

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What we stand for

Connecting people around the world.

Redtech is at the forefront of creating intuitive ways to pay and transact using digital technologies. We see the distinction between traditional channels and customer touchpoints like bank branches, ATMs, POS Terminals, Kiosks, PCs, etc., gradually fading and giving way to a set of digital cloud services that can be assessed anywhere and anytime using mobile devices and wearables and delivering payment experiences like never before.

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