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Instant Payment Solutions

Initiating Cutting-edge Transaction Networks


In the interconnected and digitalized economies of the modern era, immediacy is a fundamental expectation. This anticipation extends seamlessly to payment services, where customers worldwide are driving the widespread embrace of instant payment systems.

The Instant Payments platform is engineered to meet the collective demands of the marketplace, seamlessly integrating payment service providers, traditional banks, emerging competitors, and e-money institutions. This collaboration establishes a unified infrastructure for the immediate clearing and settlement of payments, accommodating both local and cross-border credit transfers.

The Instant Payment Solutions offer the capability for immediate transfers between any parties, available around the clock, every day of the year. This enhances the efficiency of transactions and creates a ripple effect of benefits, sparking continuous innovation and expansion.

Redtech collaborates closely with central regulatory bodies and key players in the ecosystem to meticulously craft and implement comprehensive system designs and regulatory frameworks. This accelerates the rollout process and guarantees the high performance of the payment infrastructure.


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Primary Functionalities

  • APIs for Flexible Service Integration
  • Range of Payment Instruments
  • Cross-Currency Functionality
  • Fast Payments with PayID
  • PayConnect Integration Solution
  • Agile & Effortless-to-Adjust Workflow Designs
  • Transaction Clearing and Final Settlement
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Financial Charge Management
  • Irregularities Handling & Dispute Resolution

Payment Services Framework Management


Bills splitting, urgent financial transfers and fund remittances.


Bills settlements, e-Com, POS purchases & rental payment.


Staff salary disbursement, and insurance claims instant payout.


Prompt bills settlements via electronic invoicing.


Disaster relief fund & social welfare assistance payouts.


Remittance of levies, taxes and settlement of dues & penalties.

Real-time Payment Solutions for Collaborating Entities

Redtech empowers a diverse spectrum of payment providers to harness and gear up for instantaneous financial transactions. As a trusted ally in Unified Payment Interface solutions, Redtech crafts bespoke applications and offers client navigation tools, aiding Payment Service Providers (PSPs) in seamlessly integrating with the core payment framework, ensuring a secure shift to immediate payment systems.

Stakeholders can capitalize on Redtech’s proficiency to refine their current payment mechanisms and introduce cutting-edge supplementary services that provide tangible benefits to consumers. Reflecting local market dynamics, the application scenarios encompass an extensive array of customized solutions, from fund transfers to merchant-focused QR and NFC-based transaction methods.

Positive Outcomes for Banking Corporations

Operational Efficiency

Real-time processing reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to cost savings and reduced error rates.

Risk Management

Instant payments can help in better managing liquidity and credit risk with real-time settlement.

Compliance and Security

Leveraging advanced technologies can improve compliance with regulatory standards and enhance security measures.

Global Reach

Real-time payment systems can facilitate cross-border transactions, allowing banks to serve international customers more efficiently.

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