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Real Time Payment Solutions

Building new payment rails


Instant is an inherent attribute of today’s connected, digital economies. Customers expect no different from their payment services. Across the world, this is catalyzing the adoption of instant payments.

Designed to cater to the universal needs of the market, the Instant Payments platform orchestrates connections between payment service providers, banks, challengers and electronic money institutions to create a central real-time payment clearing and settlement infrastructure for domestic and international credit transfers.

These real time payment solutions provide the ability to initiate any-to-any transfers in real-time 24/7, 365 days a year, improves transaction efficiencies and generates network effects, improves payment efficiencies and generates network effects, triggering a virtuous cycle of innovation and growth.

Redtech works with central regulators and ecosystem participants for end-to-end systems design and development of scheme rules, increasing the speed of deployment and ensuring the overall efficiency of the infrastructure.

Associated Products and Services


Assuring secure real time payments

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Secure 3D 2.0

Win customer trust with adaptive authentication

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Payment Systems

Enabling cashless, cardless payments

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EFT Switching Services

Enhance channel availability, security & superior service

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Key Capabilities

  • Multiple payment instrument
  • PayId
  • PayConnect
  • APIs for services extensibility
  • Multi-currency support
  • Message enrichment
  • Flexible and easy-to-configure workflows.
  • Clearing and settlement.
  • Risk management.
  • Fee management.
  • Exceptions handling and dispute management.
  • Real-time accounting; status; information; dashboards.

Orchestrate Broad Services Ecosystem

Person to Person Payments

Bill sharing with friends Emergency fund transfer and remittances.

Business to Person Payments

Salary/wage payments for temporary workers or contract employees, Instant insurance claim payouts.

Person to Business Payments

E-/M-commerce and in-store POS payments Emergency bill payments or rent payments.

Government to Person Payments

Emergency Disaster Payments Welfare Benefits.

Business to Business Payments

Just-in-time supplier payments, Immediate bill payments with E-invoicing.

Person to Government Payments

Tax Payments
Payment of Fines.

Instant Payments for Participating Institutions

Redtech helps payment providers of all types and sizes to take advantage of and prepare for real-time payments. Redtech is a proven partner for Unified Payment Interface services. Redtech delivers custom apps as well as client routing capabilities to help PSPs connect to the central payments infrastructure to affect a low-risk transition to real-time payments.

Participants can leverage Redtech’s expertise to enhance existing payment services as well as deploy innovative overlay services that deliver real customer value. Based on regional market trends, the use cases span a wide range of tailored offerings from money transfers to QR and NFC based payments for merchants.

Benefits to Banks


Instant processing of high volumes of payments 24/7, 365 days a year based on a “good funds” model. For customers it takes away the hassle of waiting for their funds to arrive.

Scalable Platform

Designed with growth and flexibility in mind, Redtech Instant Payments can scale to accommodate the exponential growth volume often experienced with the introduction of real-time payments.

Highly Available Infrastructure

Redtech Instant Payments is built on a resilient framework with high availability, guaranteeing continuous processing of payments 24×7, with minimal downtime.

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