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Omnichannel Payment Acquiring


Faster, easier and smarter bill payments


To stay competitive in a digitally driven world, banks must provide a payments experience that is faster, simple and convenient for customers. Paying bills occupies a large portion of consumers’ lives and they expect hassle-free payment options on the go. Digital bill payment enhances consumer convenience by allowing anywhere, anytime payments.

Redtech Bill Pay, an easy to implement multi-channel, electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) solution addresses instant service expectations of customers.

Banks benefit from a recurring source of revenue by registering customers for a high volume of bill payments that are periodic such as utility and phone bills. Redtech Bill Pay’s  unified EBPP platform streamlines and accelerates the processing, clearing and settlement of transactions via the centralized bill payment processing system.

The solution helps banks rapidly onboard billers, set up agent networks and integrate with the bank’s delivery channels to allow customers to pay bills using any preferred payment channel.

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Supports Multiple Access Channels and Payment Instruments

Redtech Bill Pay supports multiple biller categories including Electricity, DTH, Charity, Tax, School Fee, Insurance and Subscriptions. The solution offers a convenient bill payment experience that is consistent across multiple access channels – Web, Mobile, Agent, ATM.

Customers also have the flexibility to choose any payment instrument to pay bills. This includes credit cards, debit cards, mobile banking, wallet or UPI.

End-to-End Service from Biller On-boarding to Performance Tracking

Redtech Bill Pay on-boarding tools enable banks create biller profiles, add biller plans, payment methods and options offered by the biller.

Simplifies Biller Fee Management

Redtech Bill pay allows banks to flexibly define fees and charges based on the payment channel, biller category and individual profile. Fees can be fixed, variable or slab based. Fees can be added to a customer’s bill value or charged separately.

Easy Agent On-boarding and Management

Agent institution on-boarding and management tools allow banks to configure agent institutions, branches, service points and location.

Agent institutions can be configured based on the type of businesses. Multiple agents can be configured and be mapped to an agent institution.

Partner APIs for Rapid Biller On-boarding

Rapid implementation and frictionless on-boarding of billers and agents with easy service configuration helps banks offer services faster than competitors.

Redtech Bill Pay provides APIs that can be readily integrated with the bank’s existing delivery channels including ATMs and POS terminals, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Digital Wallets.

Proactive Customer Alerts

With alert management banks can notify customers when a bill is paid or pending. For banks timely reminders improve collection rates and avoid overcharge on late payments.

Alerts on billing related activities helps customers know when their bills are due and not worry about due dates or missed payments improving convenience and satisfaction.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Redtech Bill Pay provide banks access to a range of reports to make informed business decisions. Banks can view, agent as well as biller related payment data to make informed business decisions.

Banks can gain insights on a range of dimensions including biller, delivery channel, fee customer payables and reversals agents.

Effective Fraud and Risk Management

Redtech Bill Pay allows banks to identify and limit risk associated with transactions performed by a customer and an agent. Banks can define monthly, weekly and daily velocity and volume checks, based on their risk appetite and the agent and customer transaction profile.

Key Capabilities – Billers

Quick electronic bill payments and presentment

The automatic payment schedule feature of FSS Bill Pay accepts bill summaries at a pre-determined schedule from billers and presents to customers.

Instant confirmation for payments made

E-receipts for instant confirmation on the payments they make.

Intuitive portal to view transaction details and generate reports

An intuitive portal enables billers to view consolidated payment data from various channels, access settlement and reconciliation details.

Offers on bill payments

Discount coupons on bill payments increases purchasing power of the customer.

Notifications and reminders for easy bill management

Redtech Bill Pay notifies customers on all billing related activity. Customers automatically receive notifications when new bill that gets posted by biller been added.

Quick support for issues

Customers can raise queries on transactional issues or register a service complaint through the app, or online channels of the bank. The status of complaints can be easily tracked using a reference number.

Benefits to Banks

Recurring Revenue from Monthly Bill Payments

Banks can monetize from a high volume of periodic bill payments. Multiple payment methods offer revenue assurance and flexibility. Banks also earn a revenue fee from billers for bill presentment and collection.

Expands Reach to all Customers

Customers of other banks can use the Redtech Bill Pay app to make bill payments. This offers marketing opportunities for banks to engage other bank’s customers through bill payments service and earn new revenue.

Key Capabilities

Redtech offers choice and flexibility to customize payment processing solutions to the best of your needs.

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