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Seeking Top Financial Companies In Lagos? Meet Redtech

Financial companies provide a range of services to both retail consumers and institutions. From banking services to payment solutions, they are critical to the fast-growing sector of banking and digital commerce in Nigeria. However, with so many financial companies available to customers, it can be tricky knowing which are the most credible and reliable for your needs.  In this article, you’ll find our curated list of top financial institutions in Lagos to help simplify your research.

List of Top Financial Companies in Lagos

1. Redtech Limited

Redtech Limited is an innovative payment service provider facilitating e-commerce payments for corporate institutions, government agencies and enterprises. 

Located on Victoria Island, Lagos, Redtech is one of the few financial companies in the digital payments space with a switching and payment processing license from CBN, the country’s highest payment processing license. With a focus on creating intuitive ways to pay and transact using digital technologies and cloud services that can make payment experiences secure, fast and convenient. Redtech currently serves various customers across industries including Financial Services, Oil and gas, Power and energy, Enterprise, Healthcare, and Hospitality.

Which Financial Services Does Redtech Offer?

Redtech is the payment technology partner for businesses and institutions looking to adapt their processes to meet changing technology demands. We boast of industry-leading expertise in digital banking solutions, payment infrastructure implementation and maintenance, e-commerce payment processing and digital finance consultancy.


Some other well-known financial companies in Lagos in the digital payment industry include:

2. Interswitch

Known for popular payment brands like Quickteller and Verve, Interswitch is a payment and digital commerce platform headquartered in Lagos. It was founded in 2002.

3. SystemSpecs

Based in Lagos, Systemspecs is the parent company of Remita a payment platform launched in 2005 and in use by government agencies as well as millions of Nigerians.

4. Flutterwave

Founded in 2016, Flutterwave provides payment infrastructure for merchants and payment service providers. It has its Headquarters in Lagos.

5. Chamsswitch

A subsidiary of Chams Plc, Chamswitch was established in 2008 and provides payment processing services and electronic payment solutions to merchants and institutions.

How is Redtech Different from Other Financial Companies in Lagos?

  1. Redtech offers a wide range of payment solutions with easy-to-integrate infrastructure for corporations in complex sectors such as oil and gas, power, hospitality and healthcare.
  2. Redtech ensures its products and solutions meet the highest industry standards, protecting your business and customers from risk. We hold the  PCI Level 1 Service Provider compliance issued by an independent Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)
  3. Redtech also holds ISO 27001 and 22301 certifications, meaning that our business practices and processes are robust, acceptable and sustainable.
  4. We are a member of the Heir Holdings family of companies and boast of first-rate industry experience, quality leadership and a credible reputation.

Get the Best Financial Services from Redtech

Need the best financial services for your company? Learn more about how Redtech can empower your organisation with cutting-edge payment solutions.

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