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A Technology & Payment Company

Industries We Serve

We give businesses & governments and from very diversified sectors information, insights and tools they need to be successful.

With more than 12 years of experience in various industries, Redtech offers Technology and Payment Products & Services focused on the needs of its customers, regardless of their sector, allowing them to better manage their activities and achieve the defined objectives.

This industry plays a major intermediary role in the economy given the monetary exchanges it generates between the various entities. It leads the world in terms of equity market, capitalization and revenues.

We support all the financial institutions in their digital transformation and the development of their electronic payments infrastructures. We collaborate with banks, non-banks, Fintechs, microfinance institutions, credit institutions… We allow them to simplify their business process, combat fraud, enhance customer experience and provide innovative and secure payments services.

Management of transport lines and payment of transport tickets are facilitated by the use of our ticketing solutions, which enable transport operators to respond more efficiently to market demands: issuance of secure electronic transport tickets (contact less tickets and cards, Mobile NFC, QR code, etc.), pricing management, multi-channel distribution, validation and mobile control of tickets.

We collaborate with several states and local govenments to provide the security and convenience required by governments and their citizens through solutions dedicated to identity management and public services. We offer a wide range of products including bio-metric identification systems as well as solutions dedicated to flow, procedure and data automation.

Universities seek to facilitate the daily lives of many contributors to their ecosystems, whether inside or outside the campus: students, professors/temporary workers, administrative staff, some external partners e.g;  public transport, university, restaurants, banks, libraries, etc.

We help them, through our student card programs, to facilitate access to university services by setting up tools for identification and authentication, access to infrastructure, reservations and electronic payments.

Any health professional (doctor, hospital, pharmacy, laboratory, health or radiology centre, social security institutes and social insurance funds) may be confronted with the problem of fraud.

By using our solutions they reduce this risk considerably thanks to patients’ and practitioners’ biometric identification, encryption of care sheets and prescriptions made possible directly on the health card. Our common goal remains to promote access to care.

Operators face the challenge of avoiding the churn of their subscribers and therefore remain the most appropriate operator whose customers do rely on. They are required to leverage value-added offers in addition to their existing offerings such as: mobile payment platforms, integrated loyalty programs.

Redtech clients are large retail groups as well as small retailers who use our payment solutions to simplify their payment system, diversify payment methods, increase customer loyalty and consequently increase their revenues.

It is necessary that Redtech expand its offerings to ensure that the customer experience is the very best possible and the least binding with a secure payment process.

We offer fuel distributors the opportunity to design and manage card programs, with the possibility of adding new services to existing ones. Loyalty cards as well as fuel cards distributed by certain companies to their employees are also concerned.

Our solutions enable the implementation and management of loyalty programs as well as the provision of payment solutions to gas station workers aiming to simplify and diversify payment systems and methods.