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Secure3D Authentication

Ensuring Transaction Security and Convenience


Secure3D, a secure real-time risk-based authentication solution that renders 100% challenge rates obsolete through a wider range of data points with biometric authentication and an improved online experience. The solution leverages data elements exchanged between the merchant and the issuer to detect nuanced patterns of fraud in real-time to enable businesses to make better-informed authentication decisions.

The system supports card-based and cardless transactions using the customer’s biometric throughout the process.

For merchants, eFinclusiv offers a Unified merchant app enabling biometric-based payment acceptance using their mobile device. Besides,  eFinclusiv offers electronic Know Your Customer, eSign for cost-efficient and secure services delivery.

High Service Reliability

With Authentication-As-A-Service issuers can seamlessly provision additional capacity in line with growth in transaction patterns. Further issuers are assured of high levels of service reliability with built-in redundancies and state-of-the art AI-based tools to monitor service performance levels.

Multiple geographic regions and availability zones allow issuers to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including system failures or natural disasters.

Assures high uptime with adaptive monitoring and management tools that use machine learning algorithms to predict and detect threats and proactively troubleshoot system performance issues.

Seamless Integration

In order to enable the full range of 3-D Secure functionality, Redtech Secure3D includes straightforward APIs and SDKs, which can be seamlessly integrated into the acquirer’s existing e-commerce infrastructure.

Robust Security Practices

RedNet environment is PCI DSS 3.2 certified, limiting exposure to threats and vulnerabilities and assuring high levels of data security. Our comprehensive and robust security practices for application and data protection include data encryption, continuous threat assessment and (in-transit and at-rest) malware protection, security patching, management of policy compliance. These security protections and control processes are independently validated by multiple third-party independent assessments.

Redtech authentication system is compliant with data security, maintenance and privacy norms governing each region as well as regulatory reporting requirements covering data breaches.

Range of Authentication Methods

With risk-based authentication, Redtech Secure3D provides a zero-touch authentication experience for cardholders while simultaneously reducing the risk of fraud.  Secure3D streamlines the transaction process by removing the reliance on static passwords and knowledge-based questions to verify the authenticity of the cardholder in the challenge flow.  Secure3D enables issuers to broaden cardholder authentication measures to include biometric and out-of-band authentication, for example, authenticating a desktop session with a one-time code sent to a mobile device.

Supports mobile & IoT commerce

Redtech Secure3D is capable of seamlessly integrating with mobile apps as well as browser-based environments. Extends authentication to in-app purchases and digital wallets that store card details for a seamless mobile shopping experience.

Data security and reporting

Redtech Secure3D is compliant with data security, maintenance and privacy norms governing each region as well as regulatory reporting requirements in event of data breaches.

Accelerate product development

Redtech Authentication-As-a-Service model ensures customers have immediate seamless access to new functional innovation and upgrades with zero services disruption.

Business dashboards

Rich operational and business analytics to provide insights into fraud as well as fine-tune fraud-prevention performance across all channels. In addition, issuers can comply with regional regulatory mandates related to reporting.

Benefits to Issuers

Optimized Revenues

By optimizing the customer experience and enabling effortless payments, issuers can improve revenues. Further assured security improves basket size of transactions.

Better Customer Experience

The combination of the enhanced data exchange and a risk-based authentication approach means fewer false declines as well as a reduction in stepped-up authentication requests for good customers.

Regulatory Compliance

In response to rising fraud, many countries either have already or are in the process of mandating multifactor authentication for CNP transactions.

Improves Risk Governance

Strengthens risk governance and allows the bank’s fraud team to focus on the transactions that truly demand closer investigation.